American roulette: learn the best strategies and play

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User4 13 000
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American roulette payouts:
Straight up 38 to 1
Split 20 to 1
Street 14 to 1
Corner 11 to 1
Six Line 8 to 1
Column, Dozen 5 to 1
Even/Odd, Red/Black 4 to 1

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Roulette may seem like a simple online casino game of chance; however, roulette does require special strategies to enhance your winning. Confused as to what roulette strategies you need to follow when betting at a roulette wheel? Just read on to know the best roulette strategies.

D’Alembert Strategy

This roulette strategy enables players to balance out the profit and losses in equal measure at any online roulette game in online casinos.

Reverse D’Alembert Strategy

By making use of the exact opposite strategy of the D’Alembert Approach, you can improve your winning and lose little when playing roulette online.

Martingale Approach

This is a simple roulette strategy based on which when you play outside bets, it’s advisable to make a bigger bet with chips when playing roulette after a loss.

There are many more such helpful tips and strategies when playing online roulette to improve your winning by following on our website.